Make a unique clock out of your favorite LEGO set, a Pi Zero W and some LEDs

LEGO LED clockWith this easy to follow instruction you can turn every LEGO set into an awesome clock, that uses LEDs to show the time every 15 minutes. I used an old LEGO spaceship from the late 70s, because it was my first LEGO set, but you can use almost any set you like as long as you can fit a Pi Zero (or any other Raspberry Pi) inside. And even if there’s no space for the Pi, you can still install the LEDs and hide the Pi somewhere else.

How does it work?

This LEGO clock basically works like a church bell. As you probably know, some churches broadcast the time every 15 minutes by ringing their bells. Here’s how it works:


Build your own physical computing blocks for the Raspberry Pi

img_4927Do you want to make physical computing with the Raspberry Pi easier? Then follow this instruction and build your own wooden physical computing blocks, which can easily be connected to the Pi with alligator clips instead of those flimsy jumper cables. 

This project is mostly a replica of the physical computing blocks that were used by the Raspberry Pi Foundation at the Maker Fare 2017 in New York. They were made by the awesome maker Ben Light – here`s a nice video that shows how he made them:

Because I haven`t found a tutorial, that shows exactly how to build them, I decided to make my own version of the physical computing blocks and share it with you. Weiterlesen