TEDx-Talk about the Raspberry Pi (with slides & transcript)

My TEDx-Talk in Bochum about all things Pi

I have to confess: I hated the Raspberry Pi, when I first tried it (spoiler alert: it changed!)

Some time ago, I gave a TEDx-talk at the Ruhr University Bochum (TEDxRUB) about the Raspberry Pi, which is now available on YouTube. The topic of the event was „How To Build A Better World“. My talk tries to answer one question: What is it, that everybody should know about computers?

It was a fantastic and very professionell organized event. You should also check out the other talks, for example „From Hackers to Founders to a Better World“ by Dr. Christian Zenger, „Schools as Spaces for Change“ by Charlotte Frey or „The Importance of Preserving Memories“ by Ruth-Anne Damm.

Unfortunately, the video quality could have been better and my german accent is terrible, but I hope you can still enjoy the talk. In addition to the video, you can also read the transcript and see all the slides I showed in the talk – have fun and leave a comment if you liked the talk or want to share your opinion. Here`s the video: Weiterlesen