Raspberry Pi 2 is out – and it runs Windows 10

Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi 2 – a $45 Computer that runs Windows 10. How will it affect schools?

This is my first post for the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert News Radar. I recently joined this team in order to get in contact with educators from all over the world.

I also took part in the Apple Professional Development program several years ago, but I really missed that there`s was no real exchange between the educators. I think Microsoft is taking a better approach here by offering more tools for educators to talk to each other.

Oh and I haven`t really introduced myself – my name is Tobias Huebner, I work as a teacher in a small German town called Bocholt, very close to the boarder of the Netherlands. I`m 34 years old, happily married and very interested in media education in schools. Weiterlesen